Holaspirit – a tool supporting self-management, holacracy and sociocracy

Holaspirit – a tool supporting self-management, holacracy and sociocracy

26 Nov

More and more people want to work differently in the VUCA world, a world full of change, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity. There is a new generation of free people who expect more from the labor market and most often do not want to adapt to the hierarchical style of management. Along with such changes in people’s thinking, companies try to adapt to the current needs of employees. There is a growing interest in modern management methods, including the turquoise management of organizations. In today’s article, we will present a tool that supports such organizations, and regardless of how your company operates – it tries to facilitate your work, communication and goals in teams.

Holaspirit – what is it?

Holaspirit is a platform supporting work in turquoise organizations, self-managing teams, holocracy and sociocracy. This tool helps companies to build a flexible and agile structure and to work with greater efficiency and transparency. Holaspirit is an IT platform of the SaaS type and a French company founded in 2016. It was in France that the use of phrases such as “sociocracy”, that is, effective cooperation based on the autonomy of employees and teams, was initiated. After successfully creating the talkspirit platform. Holacracy is a way of working, communicating and organizing a company that ensures autonomy, agility, transparency and consistency with the evolutionary goal (mission) of the organization.

Whether you want to add some clarity to your standard hierarchy, or you want to implement OKR, or maybe you want to completely create a teal organization, Holaspirit allows you to organize your organization however you like according to your needs.

What exactly functions will you find in holaspirit?

  • 100% transparency, self-management, creating a turquoise organization

The Holaspirit platform allows for 100% transparency of decisions, initiatives, projects, goals, results, roles and organizational structure. The platform breaks the paradigm of traditional management that usually places people, and their enormous potential, in rigid positions. When creating a turquoise organization and using the holaspirit platform, you use the role functions and the system of easy change as well as self-management processes in the organization. This causes great dynamics and agility of the organizational structure and is an ideal response to the changing world of VUCA, which is not provided by the rigid, hierarchical organizational structures of a traditional organization.

Holaspirit has many built-in functions, such as kanban boards, OKRs ( wrote about them in this article ), tracking and managing project progress. Moreover, in holaspirit you can easily integrate with other tools, such as Asana, Trello, Slack or Jira.

  • effective meetings allowing for self-management of the organization

This built-in feature allows you to easily schedule meetings and then open them quickly with the scheduled meeting schedule. Additionally, a recorded meeting can be placed on the platform so that the person who was absent could play it at any time. Thanks to the developed methods of conducting meetings, you can 100% organize your company as a turquoise, self-managing organization in which no one feels left out.

  • troubleshooting

Due to the fact that in turquoise organizations everyone is responsible for the success of the organization, everyone can also notice deviations from the norms, tension and initiative. In the platform, each member of the organization can reliably make changes in an area where they have the autonomy to prevent problems and implement improvements faster. This function may be of interest to fans of Lean Management and Kaizen methods because the function of solving problems, tensions and continuous improvement of processes is here integrated with the organization’s DNA, meetings, goals, roles of people, teams and organizational structure.

  • effective holacration practice

By activating the holaspirit method of work in holaspirit, the entire organization gradually begins to act in accordance with the principles of holocracy, implementing 100% self-management, releasing the potential of people and teams.

Nearly 500 organizations that use holaspirit.com on a daily basis and over 1000 that have implemented holacration practices, and thousands of employees worldwide who use these tools, cannot imagine other methods of work. We at ecoCoach also confirm this.

Managing roles and circles in holaspirit

One of the features of holaspirit are roles that allow you to get a picture of what a particular person is doing in the company. In other words – it’s your job or position. However, compared to a specific position – you can play several roles, depending on your competencies and interests. You mostly work with roles in your team (so-called circle), but you can also collaborate with roles in other circles.

Holaspirit helps create a structure that is non-hierarchical – which is one of the elements of change in the company. Such a structure can be compared to an organism – just as a human has a head, arms or legs, circles can be distinguished in holaspirit. Their operation may differ depending on the type of organization. The circle is your entire team – and in each circle, there is its leader, but also the role of a traditional leader can be replaced by roles that are in the holacration system, i.e. secretary, facilitator, circle rep and circle lead. The platform offers great flexibility to adapt to the needs to each organization, both holacratic and other, which have a more traditional way of management.

Of course, roles can be delegated to others, assigned to a different role (position), or even completely different, so that everything works exactly as your team and organization prefer. Organization administrators can change roles that have permission to assign members to roles.

Circle leaders have traditionally been able to add members to roles in their teams. When a team member wants to take on a role, he or she usually just needs to inform the Circle Leader. You can resign from the role at any time. Holaspirit also has a huge knowledge base and articles with instructions on what and how, step by step, how to apply for a position or remove from it.

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