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How to write a CV when changing the industry
How to write a CV when changing the industry, even when you have no experience? How to convince the employer that you are the right person for the job? A lot of jobseekers ask this question. Unfortunately, not everyone has the eloquence to write a ‘sellable’ CV the first time. This is why there are[…]
How to check if a business idea is good?
How can you check if your business idea is good? Do you dream of your own business and have had an idea in your head for a long time, but it seems too risky to take on? Especially since you don’t have any business experience, a lot of money and a lot of time. So[…]
The Big Five test – what features will make you successful at work
What makes some successful and others not? For many years, scientists have been trying to determine what factors make some people achieve dizzying careers and achieve more than others. While there is no way to count on a ready-made recipe, scientists have already identified several characteristics that may increase your chances of success. Want to[…]
Idea for life – avoid 5 mistakes when searching
A good idea for life is the opposite of a life where you reluctantly wake up to a frustrating job in the morning. Such an idea gives you the opportunity to experience a fuller life. A life dominated by joy, satisfaction, high motivation and positive energy. It’s a life where you feel that you are[…]
Fear of changing jobs – how to deal with it
Fear of changing jobs is often the main obstacle that stands in the way of getting one. Lack of self-confidence, doubts and fears often block us during a career change. Why do ambitious career goals evoke such feelings in us? Research on stress shows that the brain views job change as one of the life[…]
12 of the most common reasons why startups and young businesses fail
90% of startups fail in the first three years after their founding, according to the Startup Genome 2019 report. Nevertheless, startups are becoming more and more popular, as is the idea of ​​quitting a job to create your own business. However, before you make such a serious decision and open a business – which is[…]
How to Manage Your Attentiveness at Work
Who are the non-scattering? Being indistinct means striving to do what you promised yourself. The undistracted are able to control their attention to achieve goals that are important to them INDISTRACTABLE – HOW TO CONTROL ATTENTION Wondering what the new term is? “Indistractable” is the title of the latest book by author Nir Eyal, and[…]
How to build a company of 14,000 associates without a boss?
Buurtzorg is a Dutch company that is an association of community nurses who care for home patients. Remarkable efficiency and the work environment made the organization grow enormously. What started as a team of four nurses in 2006 has grown to nearly 8,000 nurses in 2014 and 14,000 nurses today, with teams in the Netherlands,[…]
The manager is also a man
I let out a slow breath and sank deeper into the chair. I let its shape take over some of the tension I shared with my client out of my empathy. – What did you think then? I asked calmly. With absent eyes, she stared at an undefined point behind my back. She was breathing[…]
How LinkedIn headline “Looking for a job” is making it harder for you to find a job
Your LinkedIn header is one of the most valuable places on your profile. This is the first thing people viewing your profile see. It’s also the first line recruiters see when searching for candidates on LinkedIn. So why might a LinkedIn headline that reads “looking for a job” make it difficult for you to find[…]
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