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What key competencies will provide you with a job
Can you define your key competencies? The labor market has changed and now we have to face more competition. What will help you break through the crowds of other candidates are your core competencies. Matching them to what the employer is looking for may determine your hiring. WHAT ARE KEY COMPETENCES Key competencies are those[…]
How to work on personal motivation?
Coaching clients often want to increase their motivation, which sometimes initially set themselves as the main goal of the entire coaching process. They ask me how to motivate myself to stay on a diet and be physically active. They say what doesn’t work or is only helpful in the short term. And I smile because[…]
Why you should stop looking for one passion
Are you worried that you have no passion? Or maybe you are looking for a topic that you could turn into a passion that opens the gate to a satisfying job? You follow the popular saying: “Follow your passion and success will follow you “. But did you know that recent research by researchers at[…]
Holaspirit – a tool supporting self-management, holacracy and sociocracy
More and more people want to work differently in the VUCA world, a world full of change, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity. There is a new generation of free people who expect more from the labor market and most often do not want to adapt to the hierarchical style of management. Along with such changes in[…]
No idea for yourself? Try these 5 ways
Is the lack of ideas for yourself keeping you awake at night? Do you want to change your career, but you don’t know what you would like to do next in life? Millions of people face such dilemmas each year. Nearly half of those surveyed last year said they had made a significant career change,[…]
Teal organizations: no more division into production and office workers
Companies are constantly looking for process improvements, cost reduction and efficiency improvement. Will the new management methods allow us to create better jobs, more productive factories, and will we be able to feel as good at work as at the Christmas table? “I never thought it was fun to work,” said Ron Campbell, one of[…]
Take control of your brain – how to deal with negative thoughts
6,200 is the average number of thoughts you have per day according to the latest research. If you wanted to write them all down, you would have a book written at the end of the day. The only question is, would you like someone to read it? In most cases, it would be a book[…]
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