How to write a CV when changing the industry
How to write a CV when changing the industry, even when you have no experience? How to convince the employer that you are the right person for the job? A lot of jobseekers ask this question. Unfortunately, not everyone has the eloquence to write a ‘sellable’ CV the first time. This is why there are[…]
How to Manage Your Attentiveness at Work
Who are the non-scattering? Being indistinct means striving to do what you promised yourself. The undistracted are able to control their attention to achieve goals that are important to them INDISTRACTABLE – HOW TO CONTROL ATTENTION Wondering what the new term is? “Indistractable” is the title of the latest book by author Nir Eyal, and[…]
The manager is also a man
I let out a slow breath and sank deeper into the chair. I let its shape take over some of the tension I shared with my client out of my empathy. – What did you think then? I asked calmly. With absent eyes, she stared at an undefined point behind my back. She was breathing[…]
How LinkedIn headline “Looking for a job” is making it harder for you to find a job
Your LinkedIn header is one of the most valuable places on your profile. This is the first thing people viewing your profile see. It’s also the first line recruiters see when searching for candidates on LinkedIn. So why might a LinkedIn headline that reads “looking for a job” make it difficult for you to find[…]