How to work on personal motivation?

How to work on personal motivation?

28 Nov

Coaching clients often want to increase their motivation, which sometimes initially set themselves as the main goal of the entire coaching process. They ask me how to motivate myself to stay on a diet and be physically active. They say what doesn’t work or is only helpful in the short term. And I smile because each of us probably knows such moments. We seem to have decided on something, it is important and necessary for us, but the most difficult thing is to maintain this motivation for longer.

Follow the tips below to increase your intrinsic motivation. Observe what works best for you.

1. Combine business with pleasure

Answer the questions yourself:

  • How can you make routine activities more attractive?
  • What do you like to do? Why exactly this?

Try to incorporate activities into the routine that will diversify it. Cooking every day can become more attractive when you additionally practice English, listen to an e-book or a lecture. Note: do what you like to do and combine this activity with one that requires more effort from you. Positive emotions that are associated with certain situations and activities are a strong motivating factor. Remember that.

2. Know yourself

Investigate your values. Decide what is most important to you:

  • Which life path did you choose?
  • Is this the life you wish you had?
  • What do you want to focus your attention on?
  • Is what you do on a daily basis good for you?

Take direction. Try to define as precisely as possible who you are and where you are going. Live in harmony with yourself. Start with general answers, then focus on the smaller roads, ways of doing things.

3. Set goals

To better remember and verify these goals, write them down on a piece of paper or in an electronic notebook, set them in time and set priorities. Include your main goals and the individual steps you need to take to achieve them. If you do not know how to do it to achieve the most satisfying results of your activities, sign up for a coaching program. Remember: some goals may be postponed. You decide what you currently want to focus on in your life.

4. Relate your goals to values ​​

Check that the goals you set for yourself are consistent with each other. What needs do they meet? What will you achieve with them? How will you feel when you complete the task? Decide on those that are most important to you. Appealing them to your values ​​will help you in this choice.

5. Remember the pyramid

It is about Maslow’s pyramid of needs. Even the best goals for you can be tiring and, consequently, demotivating, if you do not take care of the basic aspects of your functioning. During the week, you also need time to rest and meet basic needs. Perhaps, despite your particular motivation to pursue your dreams and plans, you will not be able to achieve everything right away due to time and simply human reasons. Try to accept it.

6. Check the effects

The small steps method has been scientifically proven to work! Why? After taking action, we are satisfied with the small, already visible effects, we feel more effective. Our faith in our own abilities increases. So think about what you can do right now to move on?

7. Develop your own style

Check what works best for you. Develop your own methods to increase motivation! Reward yourself, e.g. by staying focused for an hour during the webinar, allow yourself to relax for 5-10 minutes. Take a breath and during this time do whatever you want. In this way, you may be able to achieve another goal planned for the day

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