No idea for yourself? Try these 5 ways

No idea for yourself? Try these 5 ways

23 Nov

Is the lack of ideas for yourself keeping you awake at night? Do you want to change your career, but you don’t know what you would like to do next in life?

Millions of people face such dilemmas each year. Nearly half of those surveyed last year said they had made a significant career change, according to Indeed. Among these people, there are those who have completely changed industries, for example, they have moved from marketing to engineering or from teaching to finance.

The change is possible, only if you find the answer to the question: I have no idea for myself and what should I do with it?


Do you know lists of things people want to do before they die? If you’ve never heard of the term “bucket list”, this is a list of all the goals you want to achieve, dreams you want to fulfill, and life experiences you want to live before you die.

Perhaps you also have your own list – not necessarily written on a piece of paper. I am sure that for once in your life you have thought of some interesting place that you would like to see. Maybe you even managed to visit one of these places? It doesn’t matter if it was somewhere close to where you live or on the other side of the world. Only your experiences on this trip count.

Try to briefly recall all the feelings you have experienced when traveling to this place. Remember what you felt when you first visited this place – all the sights, smells, tastes and pleasant experiences you had.

I hope you have come back to this place for a moment in your mind. Do you remember how many interesting things you saw and met on this journey? Often during our trips, we get to know new things that change our thinking and make us learn something completely new.



Why am I asking you to remember all these experiences from your dream trip? I would like you to look at your search for an idea from a completely different angle.

Our life is like a journey – we learn and experience different things, constantly changing. I would like you to see your life as a journey you are taking but from a bird’s eye view. And even higher.

Imagine for a moment that you have… planet Earth on your list of dream places to visit. It will be easier for you to imagine it if you think you are a mysterious being from outer space. Okay, I know it’s a bit weird and crazy, but why not take a break from our mundane affairs and problems for a while?

Well, you are a cosmic being with uncharted possibilities and you dream of landing on Earth one day. You dream about being on this beautiful blue planet for a short time.


Have you ever asked yourself: Why did I just land on this planet and what can I learn during my stay? What is the purpose of this trip, what can I learn and experience here? What can I learn here to take it on my onward journey?

When you leave the world, you will not be appreciated for the material possessions you have accumulated. People will not cry for how much money you have left on the account, the beautiful house or luxury car you left behind. They will appreciate who you have been for them, what you have done for them and how you have made the world a better place.

So think about what the rest of your life would be like if it mirrored your dream journey. What is cool would you like to see, hear, feel and experience? Who would you be on such a trip? A person who is happy, serene and calm? Or maybe an explorer who needs a dose of adrenaline and likes adventures?

As you think about your dream trip, try to imagine that you are living to the fullest – the best you can. It will be easier for you to find an idea for yourself that will delight you when you look at yourself from the perspective of your full potential.

When you act from the level of someone who takes full advantage of their natural predispositions, strengths, skills and experiences, you create something that has value for you and other people. At the same time, under the slogan “you create” I mean not only physical products but also such intangible things as inspiring others or supporting in a difficult moment.


Unfortunately, most of us live on the level of our ego, which is what we can get, preferably the most tangible things: money, home, car, promotion.

Not having an idea of ​​yourself may be because you are looking at yourself from a very low perspective. From a perspective where there is a limited view of your life possibilities.

If you have no idea for yourself, try to see your life from the perspective of the observation deck. What views lie ahead of you? What opportunities do you see for yourself?


You may still find it difficult to answer the questions I asked before. You see, finding an idea for yourself is not that hard. It is much more difficult to answer the question: what do I actually want in my life? The problem with this question is that it’s hard to answer if you don’t know yourself.

If you don’t know what is important to you, what fascinates you and you are curious, it will be difficult to make your idea more concrete.

However, you can change it at any time. You just need to follow your curiosity. Observing what fascinates you and is curious will help you get to know yourself better. You will identify faster what you want to do in life when you reach your deeper needs and desires. You will begin to notice that it is so much easier for you to answer questions that previously seemed difficult.


Life is a journey in which you constantly learn, gain new experiences and change. You grow and evolve – whether you want it or not, you change internally and externally.

Ultimately, the purpose of our life’s journey comes down to two things:

  1. developing, evolving and growing
  2. helping people

If you want to find your own idea for yourself, all you have to do is follow the things you are delightful and interesting. Look for things that make you really enjoy life.

It would also be good if your idea more or less includes supporting others. Man is a social being, we need each other. Even if you are an introvert hermit, I can assure you that people need your strengths – the ability to see the depth of the problem, reflect and think critically. Each of us has a specific set of traits and strengths that the world needs.


If you are looking for an idea for yourself, try to view your life as a journey. If so far it does not resemble the greatest adventure in life, it’s time to change it.

Use all your senses to create a picture of the life you would like to live. Look from different perspectives to see opportunities that interest you. If still, no idea comes up – you need to get to know yourself better.


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